Samsung Collaboration With Maison Margiela For Galaxy Z Flip 4

The South Korean tech manufacturer is collaborating with the Parisian Haute Couture house Maison Margiela for the first time. They are gathered to develop a Maison Margiela Edition of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 device. They are reimagining the design of this newest foldable device that was launched in August, in which they will combine the cutting-edge technology of haute couture to form the limited-edition device. 

Design of the upcoming device 

As we all know about Samsung, the company used to welcome the ‘impossible to build’ with outstretched hands. While, On the other hand, the Maison Margiela is a luxury fashion house. So it is obvious that the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 4 device (Maison Margiela collaboration variant) will get a completely different UX and Accessories with an enhanced and rich appearance. Let’s take a look at its upcoming design. 

Galaxy Z Flip 4- Maison Margiela Edition of this device will get a signature solid white color with a matte finish with a drop of grey to give it an optimal white-shaded look. 

User Experience (UX)- To give an enhanced and different look from the base variant, it will get a completely new UX design in addition to wallpaper artwork and icons and advanced 3D modeling techniques to give a texture of rough brush strokes. It will also get the ability to capture scanning motions of an X-ray, so it will create a see-through look. 

Accessories- Apart from the UX, it will get various accessories, including two phone cases, in which one will get a unique leather cover with its four stitches emblem. The case will be overly-painted to give a unique texture to give a canvas-like look. The other one will be a spin on the emblematic numeric coding ring of Maison Margiela. 

Know its availability 

The company announced that the Maison Margiela Edition of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 device will be available in the markets by December 1st, 2022. It will first be launched in the selected markets, including China (Hong Kong), France, and Korea. 

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