Samsung Exynos Market Goes Down By 46% In The 2nd Quarter

Samsung Electronics is one of the leading hardware manufacturers of today’s era. The South Korean tech giant has come so far from smartphones to microprocessors to displays. Samsung’s microprocessor ‘Exynos’ has gotten worldwide publicity that it was even used in some of its flagship phones in limited markets. But unfortunately, Exynos has seen a huge market down of 46% in its 2nd quarter of this year.

According to Strategy Analytics, Samsung’s Exynos market shipments declined 46% this time compared to last year’s shipments for the same span. The processor has not even been included in the top 3 smartphone application processors (AP) list. Exynos holds just 7.8% shared out of the total AP shares. This year AP sales reached a total of 8.9billion USD in the 2nd quarter. This year’s shipments increased by 26% as compared to last year and set a new high record.

Coming to the top APs all across the world, United States Qualcomm is leading this list. Qualcomm has got first place by having a total of 40.4% of total shares. In the 2nd position, MediaTek of Taiwan got placed with a total of 26.3% of total shares. Afterward, Apple secured the next (3rd) position in this list with 25.5% of total shares.

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