Samsung Seems Not Interested In Slidable Smartphones

The Samsung Foldable market is rapidly spreading and its feet all over the world. The company is working on its full potential to expand the marketability of its foldable devices. But on the other hand, Samsung is showing no interest in the slidable phones; the reason may be its lukewarm marketability, as an analyst said on Wednesday.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and top analyst of Seoul-based display market tracker UBI research ‘Yi Choong-hoon’ stated at a conference that “The market for foldable phones overlaps with that for slidable phones. It will be difficult for slidable phones to create their own market.” He has also said that the foldable display technology got a great improvement, unlike the slidable phones, which have more limitations within them.

If we talk about the slidable displays, the colorless polyimide film can lower the harm of slidable displays, but its use may affect the quality of the surface. Other than this, a key feature named ‘digitizer’, for the wider screen may not be used on it. These respective problems and limitations may affect the growth of the slidable phone market.

According to Yi’s analysis, Samsung seems uninterested in slidable phones; he is expecting that the company will focus only on the foldable for some time to give them a better future and extended possibilities. Besides the company, the consumers that have the habit of using foldable phones, it would be hard for them to switch to the slidable one, Yi stated.

Samsung is leading the foldable market at present and set a tough competition that nobody can match or beat. So it is expected that its rival manufacturer may try their hand on the slidable phone industry (maybe the Chinese Smartphone maker) to be different from Samsung. In that case, Yi is assuming low and limited market potential for it.

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