Samsung Again Leads The Industry With 22% Of Total Market Shares

Samsung Electronics again has become the industry leader with the highest shipments of smartphones in the 3rd quarter of the year. The company has secured the 1st position with 22% shares of the total market shares. In the Q3 of 2022, they shipped a total of 64 million units of Galaxy smartphones which saw an increase of 5% Quarter on Quarter.

Samsung is currently leading the global smartphone industry and has become a consistent competitor here. Not only the smartphone industry but Samsung leads the industry-leading technologies and consumer-centric unique innovations. This lead has been shown because of the rising demand and popularity of the Galaxy A series and its flagship devices.

Md Muyeedur Rahman, head of the MX Business, Bangladesh, Samsung Electronics, has stated on this occasion, “The smartphone industry is highly reactive to consumer demand. Smartphone brands are continuously adjusting to the fluctuating business conditions. This year in Q3 2022, once again, Samsung has established and maintained its position in the market with great results.”

Besides this, he added that by the 4th quarter of the year 2022 and next year (2023), the smartphone and wearables market might see a rise in it. If we take a look at Counterpoint’s research from the 3rd quarter of 2021, the industry was at its top during the Q4 of 2021. After that, the industry has seen a consecutive fall in two quarters, which is now increased by Q3 of 2022 with a total shipment of 301.0 million units.

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