Google Will Provide The Privacy Sandbox On Android 13 Devices By The Rise Of 2023

The Moutain View giant Google is currently working on Privacy Sandbox for Android devices. The application system will be available for devices that are running on Android 13 or later versions. The Privacy Sandbox is a technology suite that aims to protect the user’s privacy. In an official blog post, Google announced that the system will be available on select eligible devices by the rise of 2023.

Google is now all set to deliver the Privacy Sandbox system to Android devices as the company has completed its designing with the help of developers and marketers designing proposals. So now the system is ready for release, the company has stated, “Beginning early next year, we plan to roll out the initial Privacy Sandbox Beta to Android 13 mobile devices so that developers can take the next steps in testing these new solutions.”

Let you know that the system will first be available as a beta trial and to a select number of devices that will increase over time. To get this beta version, the users must first request its access. For access, one needs to go through an enrollment process. After successfully enrolling in it, the user will get access to the Privacy Sandbox system’s access to its device.

Besides this, users can also register the mandatory applications that are going to use the Privacy Sandbox’s APIs. App developers have to work on the integration to help Google in the testing phase to make it more reliable and excellent so that it will live up to its user’s expectations. However, DuckDuckGo has criticized it already, so it will get clear with its launch only that the system is really useful or is just like a scarecrow, as the DuckDuckGo stated.

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