Google & Samsung’s Health Connect App (Beta) Available To Download

Google organized its annual developer conference, “Google I/O 2022,” earlier this year. At the same conference, Google introduced the new Health Connect hub, which Google developed with the help of Samsung. Recently, they have provided the beta version of this Health Connect hub which was previously available through Early Access. Now, users can use this app as a beta trial on their devices.

IMG – Google Play Store

Let you know that this hub is created to collect all the fitness and health-related data from the wearables (Such as smartwatches) and other supported elements. The application will support devices having WearOS 3 or later OS versions in which Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, Galaxy Watch 5, and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro are included. To use this app, users can download it through the Play Store.

Not only Samsung Health, this Health Connect system now shows support for multiple firms, including Dexcom, Fitbit, Flo, Lifesum, MyFitnessPal, Oura, Peloton, and WW (Weight Watchers), etc. Users can open it on their Galaxy smartphones either through the app drawer or with the help of quick settings toggle. With the quick setting toggle, you can also set the limit of data access to which data you want to share with the health service or application and which you don’t.

In this Health Connect hub, they have used a standardized schema; with its help, developers can get the raw data directly. Currently, this service supports more than 40 types of data, including a total of six categories- activity, body measurements, female cycle tracking, nutrition, sleep, and vitals. The application is useful and helpful for users and developers both.

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