A Report Says Many People Using ‘Samsung’ As Their Password

Recently, a study revealed that “Samsung” (With a capital S) and “samsung” (With a lowercase s) got placed in the list of most commonly used passwords in the year 2021 in nearly 30 countries. The study was taken by the password management solution company Nordpass. It has also revealed that “Samsung” is not the only brand-based password used by various users. Having a password on a brand’s name is not the worst offender, but the trend has become popular during the past few years. 

According to the study, the word “password” is the most commonly used password, chosen by approx 5 million users. Besides, the regular number series “123456” and “123456789” and the word “guest” are also used by a huge number of users. Setting a commonly used word as your password may be easy to recognize, but it puts the user’s security at higher risk and increases the chances of data theft, too, because these are easier to decrypt than the other least-used passwords. 

Recent reports show simple and predictable passwords can be decrypted in less than a second while mixing the uppercase and lowercase letters may provide variable results. Besides, passwords containing seven letters containing all elements can be decrypted in seven seconds, and the eight-lettered password will take about seven minutes. Because those passwords are short and contain only numbers or letters without having any uppercase or lowercase characters, they become really easy to decrypt. 

If we come to the word “Samsung”, it has been on the list of most-used passwords for the past three consecutive years. In 2019, “Samsung” got 198th rank in this list which moved up to the 189th position in the year 2020. The word was used more during the span and got a place in the top 100s list in 2021 via securing 78th rank here. As we have mentioned above, “Samsung” is not the only brand-based password, the other brands, such as Tiffany, Nike, and Adidas, are also popular for this. 

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