Samsung Electronics to establish a new global research organization for Semiconductor

Samsung Group currently owns a handful of research organizations. Now the company is planning to set up another new global research organization which will be established in the month of December under the DS Business Division. The organization is expected to analyze the semiconductor market and other related industries. It will be led by a Vice President and also aims to discover some new markets as well.

As we have mentioned, Samsung Group has many research organizations, including Samsung Research, Samsung Securities Research Center, and Samsung Global Research Center. Samsung Research, which aims to do research on advanced technologies, is headed by Samsung Electronics. Even after having various research units, they still need to undertake an in-depth semiconductor industry analysis.

As Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers of semiconductors, the semiconductor market has easily attracted its attention towards it. Because of the shortage of semiconductors due to the global supply chain broke-down along with the Covid-19 pandemic, the company realizes the need for an in-house semiconductor research unit. By looking at these past and current consequences, Samsung decided to underlay a semiconductor research organization.

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