Samsung Galaxy phone have hidden Chihuahua – Here how to find

Android smartphones contain various easter eggs provided by their manufacturers, and so does Samsung. One such easter egg that has a chihuahua image in it is also hiding in your Galaxy device. It can only be reached by the system’s hidden menu. The chihuahua easter egg is one of the hidden surprises of the manufacturer. If you also want to reach there and see this amazing image, let’s know how we could reach there.

The main aim behind this easter egg was to examine the functionality of the accelerometer sensor of your Galaxy device. It shows if you rotate the screen horizontally, the image of the chihuahua dog will also seem to be rotated in landscape mode. Unfortunately, it is yet to be known who captured the image of this chihuahua dog. The resolution of this prescribed image is too poor and low. However, its appearance is more elongated in the recent Galaxy phones. 

Follow these easy below-mentioned steps to reach the chihuahua easter egg in your Galaxy phone- 

  • First of all, unlock your Galaxy device and open the “Phone” app. 
  • Now simply type *#0*# on the keyboard, and it will directly lead you to the Diagnostic mode of your phone. 
  • Afterwards, select the “Sensor” item amongst the appeared options. It will show the whole information captured by the sensors of your Galaxy device. 
  • Now tap on the “Image Test” button located in the upper right corner of the “Accelerometer Sensor” section. 
  • Finally, the image of this chihuahua dog will appear on your device’s screen. 

Let you know that the Diagnostic mode is primarily used by the repairers or other professionals in order to examine the correct functionality of your smartphone. Apart from the Accelerator Sensor, this hidden menu contains various other tools also, so that one can easily test their device’s touch screen, pixels, and much more. Gratefully, this chihuahua easter egg is available on Galaxy smartphones only; no other manufacturers have provided it in their respective devices. 

Some developers then sympathetically wanted to hand over their dog to immortality by including him in an image reproduction test. Find the complete steps to check it within the TikTok video to follow.

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