Carrier-locked Galaxy Tab S8 updating to Android 13 in the US

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is known as the flagship device in the segment, and because of the flagship tag Samsung always released the latest software update for the device initially and took it seriously; Samsung already released the Android 13 update for Tab S8 a few days ago.

Notably, the Android 13 update for Galaxy Tab S8 (carrier locked) is now available in the US. Currently, the update is on Xfinity mobile network. However, the One UI update is only spotted on Galaxy Tab S8+ (via SamMobile). Users can identify the latest update by checking the firmware version X808USQU2BVK4, while other models of Tab S8, including Galaxy Tab S8 original and Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, will receive the support of Android 13 in the coming days.

The latest update also includes the November 2022 security update, which comes with several bug fixes and security enhancements that improve the device’s stability and system.

Samsung has released the latest Android 13 update to several Galaxy devices. The update includes all features designed for its smartphones, specifically under the latest One UI. Still, it is introduced in two variants, the basic Android 13 and the other is Android 13 L .the first one is distributed among all Galaxy devices. In contrast, the other one is specially optimized for the large-screen devices. The same L version of the latest android is now served to the Galaxy Tab S8.

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