New WearOS update improved Google Keep and get new tiles of Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5

Samsung consistently provides new updates for its devices. Still, as a hardware manufacturing company, it is limited and bound by Google because all the devices are running on Android OS. However, still, the company always tries to introduce the update within a few days with Google.

Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5 will receive the new update, which will bring new features that include some new tiles like favourite contacts, Sunrise, and Sunset, and there is a third tile introduced that gives the ability to see the quick location to home and work location on Google Maps, Notably, the first tile Contacts is useful for everyone as you can pin your favourite one contact in it and quickly call them from there.

The Google Keep app is also getting a new update, including several new features that allow viewing labels, collaborators, photos, custom backgrounds, and even drawings. After releasing these features, Google has made its Google Keep application more productive and interactive.

Additionally, the update provides some minor enhancements under the Wear OS, improving the watch’s performance and stability. Now Google Assistant is also integrated with the Addidas running app, so when you command it to start running, the voice assistant will directly start it through the Addidas running app.

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