Galaxy Z Flip 5 to get a larger screen than its predecessor (Galaxy Z Flip 4)

Samsung is constantly expanding the market for its foldable devices. Both of its foldable series, Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold, are gaining wide popularity all across the world. Both series have four-generation devices yet, and the manufacturer will launch the upcoming one in due course of time. We recently received some rumored information about the Galaxy Z Flip 5 device. Let’s take a look at the information we got to know.

According to the rumors provided by Ross Young, the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 device will get a wider cover display than its predecessor, Galaxy Z Flip 4. As Young claimed, the device may get a display of around 3.3” to 3.4”, which is nearly 1.9” bigger than the fourth-generation device of this series (Flip 4). It is also expected that the Flip 5 may match or even surpass the rumored size 3.26” of Oppo’s upcoming Find N2 Flip’s cover display.

It seems that Oppo may give good competition to Samsung but beating the South Korean firm in the foldable industry looks hard for this Chinese company. Besides the outer display, Young also indicated that its internal display is also getting an upgrade, so we might get to see a difference in it also. It is also said that the Galaxy Z Flip 5 device will get a different hinge system than its predecessor to decrease the visibility of the seam.

Unfortunately, it is yet to be known whether the new hinge design will reduce the crease feel or not. However, the information provided by Young previously about this field was mostly proven right, but a few of them also ended up turning into hollow rumors only. So we are warning that before believing the given information, keep the mentioned thing in your mind.

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