Galaxy S21 gets November 2022 security firmware in the US [Locked]

It’s better to be late than be dead on time, this idiom is suited to the situation of the Galaxy S21 device in the US, as Samsung has already released the November 2022 security update in several markets, but because of carrier restriction, users who are using a locked variant of Galaxy S21 smartphone are receiving it very lately.

Currently, the Galaxy device is receiving the November 2022 security update on the Xfinity network. The latest update comes with firmware version numbers G991USQS5DVK7, G996USQS5DVK7 and G998USQS5DVK7 for the Galaxy S21 general, Galaxy S21 + and Galaxy S21 Ultra. However, the update should be available on other carriers in the coming days.

November 2022 security update includes several new patches, which are added by Samsung and Google, which work together to enhance the device security. The device has also introduced some new improvements, enhancing its performance and stability.

Installing the latest security update is highly recommended, so your device will be ready to provide extra protection against external threats, including viruses and malware.

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