Galaxy S23 may introduce with Corning’s new glass protection

Corning, the American multinational technology company, recently announced its new tempered glass smartphone. This glass, named “Gorilla Glass Victus 2” is expected to be used in Samsung’s upcoming flagship Galaxy S23 for the first time. It will be reliable and suitable for devices with heavier and wider screens. It will also be durable against concrete drops. Now let’s take a brief look at this newcomer tempered glass.

Let you know that the first generation of this Victus model of Gorilla Glass which was previously used in Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra device, launched in the year 2020, has the ability to resist scratches and falling surfaces like asphalt. Now, this new generation of tempered glass, the 200-gram Gorilla Glass Victus 2, didn’t get any cracks or scratches at the time of its testing while falling from a height of one meter.

Kim Jeom-sik, the President of Corning Gorilla Glass Korea, stated at an online product briefing, “The new product maintains the same scratch resistance as the first-generation Gorilla Glass Victus model while enhancing drop resistance on rough surfaces such as concrete.” He also added, “We have secured durability so that it can be applied to larger smartphones.” The company is aiming for this glass to be used in over 10 smartphone models next year.

Previously, the first generation of this Gorilla Glass Victus model was widely used in the flagship devices of many smartphone manufacturers. Now it has been seen recently that numerous customers are considering this Gorilla Glass Victus to be applied to many mid-range smartphones. However, Its true durability can only be checked after its worldwide market distribution.

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