Samsung Galaxy S20 5G devices facing overheating problem & issue

Samsung Galaxy S20 device is showing some heating issues recently. A user has shared the problem on the Reddit platform. The user shared his experience with these heating issues on her Galaxy S20 5G device. They informed device was having severe heating issues and asked if any other users had been experiencing the same in their respective devices. Regarding this problem, a user has exchanged his point with her.

The user has replied to the afflicted that the main reason behind the appearance of this problem may be either because of the chips or it is caused because her device is defective. He also said to her that the temperature she has been facing is familiar in his country, as he is a resident of a hot country. Let you know that the environmental temperature also makes an impact on the device, so because of the hot environment, the device also starts heating too much.

After the concern of this user, the afflicted clarified that the temperature she had been talking about was the temperature of the CPU/GPU and not of the device. She also shared that when she plays games on her device, the temperature increases to 67-72 degrees Celsius, which is more than usual. However, the Galaxy S20 5G device faces those heating issues usually due to its fast charging, but in her case, she is indicating the CPU/GPU and not the device itself.

Finally, after knowing the whole matter, another user has shared that he is also struggling with the same issues. He informed after the recent update that he gets notifications whenever his device gets overly heated and also gets the instruction to turn the currently running application off. He also clarified that the notification usually appears while using the Samsung Dex application. Unfortunately, we are still unable to find the particular reason behind this issue that why does this happen but we are expecting that Samsung will provide a solution to this soon.

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