Galaxy Watches of Malaysia will soon get Blood Pressure monitoring feature

The South Korean tech manufacturer Samsung has brought many essential and useful features with its Galaxy devices. “Blood Pressure Monitoring”, is one among them. This feature was first introduced to the Galaxy Watch Active 2 but for some limited regions only. Now the company has decided to expand this feature’s availability in the Malaysian market. From now on, eligible Galaxy Watches will bring the support of Blood Pressure Monitoring with them. 

Let you know that previously this feature was available in 31 countries only, which is now extended to 32 after Malaysia joins this list. The Malaysian Medical Device Authority has recently approved Samsung’s Blood Pressure Monitoring application in their country. This authority usually approves and authorizes medical-grade devices for use in Malaysia. Now, users with Galaxy Watches, which have this feature on a hardware level, can experience it. 

For information, this feature is intended for over-the-counter use in adults over 22 years of age only. It can be used in measuring Blood Pressure, systolic and diastolic both. Additionally, it will also measure the pulse rate and historical chart of its user. To use it, the users need to connect it to a Galaxy smartphone. Remember, it can’t work on smartphones other than Galaxy. The watches that are eligible for this feature are listed below- 

However, when this feature was introduced first, it supported ECG monitoring also. Unfortunately, this time there is no mention of this feature so, it’s hard to say whether the ECG monitoring feature will be rolled out to devices in this region or not. 

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