New WearOS update will add Calendar and Gmail apps to Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5 [Rumor]

Google has given a lot of functions in Wear OS, and it always tries to give something new, so now, according to a rumor, the company has planned to introduce two new apps, known as Calendar and Gmail, which are previously available in Android smartphones.

Currently, there is no facility to view messages or reply to them from the watch on behalf of a smartphone Gmail app, but if we follow this rumor, with the new update of wear OS, Google will introduce a fully functional Gmail app to the wear OS which carries all the useful function so you can easily operate your Gmail account.

However, the pixel watch already has some basic features of a calendar app, like you can open an event to see all details, but the app itself only shows three days’ worth of appointments, and it has limited functionalities. While Creating a new event is entirely handled by Google Assistant and a voice workflow. So the rumor seems highly accurate as there are many requirements for the features that are only available with the Calendar.

IMG – 9To5Google

According to some reports, Google is testing both Gmail and the Calendar, while it’s yet to be confirmed whether it the app involves event creation or composing new emails.

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