Samsung 2021 smart TVs gets Gaming hub feature

The South Korean manufacturer Samsung introduced its gaming platform “Gaming hub” earlier this year. Previously, it had been rolled out to some select Smart TV models of 2022 only. But, the manufacturer made an announcement that brought happiness to some users’ faces. They had announced this year they would bring this “Gaming hub” service to some select eligible Smart TVs and monitors of 2021, which has now turned into a reality. Now the company has started distributing this to respective devices.

Let you know that this information has been provided by Samsung Gaming’s official Twitter account. They have tweeted that the 2021 Samsung Smart TV game streaming is now officially rolling out. To use it in your smart TV, ensure that it is up to date, and if not, please check the latest update and install it on your device. After matching the eligibility, connect your controller, and then you will be able to play games on it. It will make game streaming services easy on Samsung’s Smart TVs and monitors.

This cloud-based gaming platform, “Gaming hub”, provides an incredible lineup of games to its users. Another thing that makes it even more interesting is you don’t need any ethernet cables, desktops, laptops, or gaming consoles for it. Remember, currently, this Gaming hub supports GeForce Now, Utomik, Xbox Game Pass, and Amazon Luna. It is obvious to stream games via any of these; you need to get a subscription to the respective gaming service. Afterwards, you will be able to sign in through your one-time affair credentials.

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