Google search bar is to be bigger than before

The Mountain View tech giant Google is currently the world’s leading tech company, without any doubt, because of the wider range of its applications and services. Not only the company but Google itself is the most used search engine all across the world. Now it is decided that the search bar of Google will be improvised by the company. This announcement was made by the company during this year’s Search On event.

Let us tell you that Google has announced that the application will get a slightly different graphic appearance than the present. As per the reports, its search bar will be larger than before. Notably, only the size of the search bar has been changed, but the buttons for Google Lens and Voice Search are unchanged as they were before. Below this search bar, we will get to see different quick search options such as “Shop for products” and “Translate text.”

However, there is nothing new about those features because they were already accessible through the Google application. Besides, the main change is now the company has added a bell icon next to the profile photo, which will let the users see notifications right there and quickly. This new graphical interface will definitely be proven as a great initiative. Unfortunately, we are still unsure whether the company has started rolling out this upgrade to all the users or if it is just for select devices currently.

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