Samsung to pursue its premium audio brands for Galaxy devices

At this time, every manufacturer gets a partnership with a well-established and popularly-known brand to increase the market value of its product and enhance brand equity. Yet, it seems that Samsung doesn’t want to put itself on this line, as it hasn’t appeared to grab any co-branding opportunities for its Galaxy devices so far. Previously, it was rumored that the Galaxy S22 flagship might feature an Olympus-branded camera setup, but we all know, as time surpassed, these turned out to be some hollow render only which clearly shows the disagreement of the manufacturer towards co-branding. 

Unlike Samsung, many other OEMs such as OnePlus, Vivo, and Huawei have teamed up with popular brands, of which OnePlus has collaborated with Hasselblad for the OnePlus 9 series, Huawei teamed up with Leica, and Vivo with Carl Zeiss. On the other hand, Apple, which Samsung considers its sole rival, also doesn’t use any brand name with its brand equity. It seems that both of these leading OEMs believe that their products are enough on their own, and they don’t want any brand name’s advantage for their effective marketing. 

If you remember, the South Korean tech manufacturer bought Harman International in the year 2016, which handed over the reins of many premium audio brands to Samsung. In this sequence, brands such as Bang & Olufsen, JBL, AKG, Harman Kardon, and others are included. Albeit, the manufacturer hasn’t used these brands much in its devices, except for a few of them only. For example, they have made a major deal of shipments of AKG-tuned earphones with the Galaxy S8 devices previously, but now they don’t seem to lure the brand name anymore. 

However, at this time, the story looks different because Samsung is expected to utilize its premium audio brands in its Galaxy devices. According to Sammobile, the High-end flagships of Samsung, from the Galaxy S series to the Galaxy Z series, may come with either Bang & Olufsen or Harman Kardon-tuned speakers, which will help to improve the audio quality of these flagships. For the mid-range devices of Samsung, such as the Galaxy A series, JBL will sit best. And so on, for the other Galaxy devices in Samsung’s broad lineup, the audio brand AKG will be suitable. As Samsung owns these premium audio brands, it will be a great advantage to use them in Galaxy devices for a better audio experience.

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