Samsung covers nearly 90% of the total foldable market

In the case of foldable devices, the South Korean tech manufacturer Samsung is in that place where being beaten up by any rival manufacturer seems equivalent to impossible. Its recent foldable devices, Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 have shown major success in the market. It clearly shows that Samsung surely is a leader in the foldable’s league. Even the newly-published data by TrendForce also indicates that Samsung holds approximately 90% of the total market shares, but they suspected this market share remaining at 80% only. Now let’s take a brief look at the report of TrendForce.

According to TrendForce, in the third quarter of 2022, the global smartphone market has seen a total of 0.9% QoQ and an 11% YoY decline, with a total production of 289 million units. Out of the total, the South Korean firm has posted nearly 64.2 million units with a QoQ rose of 3.9%. But the manufacturer is suspected to face a QoQ decline in the fourth quarter of 2022. Besides, this report also claims that Samsung currently owns 90% of the total foldable market. Samsung is expecting that the global market share of foldable smartphones is estimated to reach 1.1% this year and 1.5% by 2023.

With this tight hold on the smartphone market, Samsung has become the world’s first global smartphone brand by leaving the iPhone manufacturer Apple behind in the second position. But unfortunately, it seems that Samsung might lose its number one position in this fourth quarter and fall to the second position. As Samsung is a hardworking manufacturer, it will definitely continue to push its foldable market next year to make its market shares remain at a record level. In that manner, its upcoming big release, “Galaxy S23,” will surely play a huge role by boosting the market share.

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