Samsung Sweden and Norway Newsroom goes live now

Samsung Newsroom is the official announcement platform of the South Korean tech firm “Samsung,” where all the original official and confirmed information related to the company and its products can be found easily. Besides the Samsung Global Newsroom, the first-ever source of all major global affairs and announcements of Samsung, various other regional newsroom sites were also developed by the company. Recently, Samsung announced the launch of two more newsroom sites to join this family. These sites have been launched to provide local information related to Samsung Norway and Samsung Sweden.

Let us tell you Samsung Newsroom Norway and Samsung Newsroom Sweden both were launched in the Nordic region. For information, these sites have been marked as the 43rd (Sweden) and 44th (Norway) worldwide Newsroom sites of the company. On these sites, one will get all the new and confirmed information about the local media and affairs of Samsung Electronics in their mother tongue, Norwegian and Swedish, exactly like the Global newsroom. These will also contain a wide range of content, including the latest news, CSR actions, campaigns, products, services, and business insights of Samsung. 

Know what Newsrooms are?

Samsung Electronics has been serving its customers since the previous century. The South Korean manufacturer has gained wide popularity around the whole world. With the extended reach of the company, hurdles to take it down also joins the league. Consequently, numerous false leads about them and their products were rumored every day. In that manner, it becomes hard to differentiate between the official news and false narrations. To resolve this issue, Newsrooms will be helpful as one can cross-check the rumored information on the newsroom, whether it is available there or not. 

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