Samsung again mocked Apple, this time over the iPhone’s design

Samsung and Apple are the most robust market rivals for each other in the tech world. The South Korean firm believes that users always become hardly confused with their smartphone choices, whether to choose Samsung or Apple. By taking this rivalry too far, Samsung mocks Apple over and over again. This time, Samsung again did something similar. The manufacturer has landed a short advertisement on the official YouTube channel of Samsung US, which seems to mock Apple over the basic design of its iPhone. Now, let’s take a look at the advertisement uploaded by Samsung.

The above-mentioned advertisement has been uploaded on the official YouTube channel of Samsung US, with the title “On the Fence: Attention”. This ad contains a caption, “You’ve been on the fence long enough. Make your move”. In this ad, we will get to see a man sitting on the fence, wondering whether to choose Samsung’s Galaxy phone or Apple’s iPhone. A moment after, a girl using the Galaxy Z Flip 4 appeared. She shared once, she was also confused between these two. However, the man stated that he wants to switch to Samsung, but he is worried about what his friends will think.

The girl then suggested that he should go for Samsung and said, “when you pull out your new Galaxy Z Flip 4, people are gonna lose it”. She gave her device to the boy, and the very next moment, his other friends appeared and got impressed with the fascinating appearance of Flip 4. At the end of the video, there were written some slides that read “Time to get off the fence” and “The Galaxy awaits you.” As we have mentioned above, this is not the first time Samsung mocking Apple, but last month, in a similar ad with the same actors, Samsung mocked Apple for leaving its users to await new features.

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