Samsung upgraded Security and Privacy Dashboard on Galaxy devices with the One UI 5

The privacy and security of the users and their data are the priority of any manufacturer. It is more helpful to prevent the data from any threat by deciding when, where and how much of your data can be used for a particular service. In that manner, Samsung always brings new and different methods in its device to make the consumer’s data more secure. Recently, Samsung again handed over data using permission to the user’s hand via providing an update to the Security Privacy Dashboard.

One UI 5.0 Provides New Privacy & Security Dashboard

Let us tell you, with this latest One UI 5 update, the new Privacy and Security Dashboard of Galaxy devices became more reliable and also made data safety management easier. This new update provides a view of risky information and safety status to the user and also lets them change security settings to reduce the risk. Now items like Lock Screen, Accounts, SmartThings Find, App Safety, and Updates, which leaves the biggest impact on digital safety, are quickly accessible at the top of the Dashboard.

Besides, this new Security Dashboard also provides indicators for security issues and shows red, yellow, and green alerts. It also provides a total of four types of permissions to the users, So that unnecessary sharing of personal information can be prevented. The permissions are related to Advertisement Management, Camera & Microphone access control, Location-based service management, and App preferences. With these permission controls, it will be easier to secure personal information.

In the case of Ad management, one can easily avoid unwanted recommendations while shopping online. To stop unwanted ads, go to the Security and Privacy Dashboard, then choose the Ads menu, and lastly, select the “Delete AD ID” option. For managing the Camera and Microphone access for each particular app, which app can use your device’s camera or microphone, and for how much time, the Privacy menu under the Privacy and Security Dashboard will be helpful; you can control the access here.

Besides all these, one’s location is the biggest point one wants to control or hide. In that manner, the Privacy menu of the Dashboard can show you the apps which track your location continuously. It will also let you set the location access permission, whether to share always, only while using the app, or block the access at all. The Dashboard is also helpful for App preferences; it will block the access of personal data for a particular application that hasn’t been used for a while. This function has been developed to stop unnecessary data tracking from a forgotten application.

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