Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 5 to get Home Automations with the new Google Home app

The search engine giant Google always brings the latest and essential features for its devices and Operating Systems. Not only for Android, but Google tries every possible way to provide the essential Android features to WearOS also. Recently, Google has started rolling out the first preview version of the Google Home app, which brought some amazing features like Home Automation with it. Notably, this new app version has been rolled out to WearOS 3 and later versions only. For information, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 are also eligible for this new Google Home app. 

Let us tell you that this new Home Automation feature also includes sliders for adjusting various operating parameters of connected devices, as the smartphone version has. Note bane, with these controls, one doesn’tdoesn’t need to use their smartphone for managing the Home Automation; one can directly manage it in your WearOS watch. With this feature, you can easily control your Smart Home devices via your WearOS smartwatch; there is no longer a need to jump room by room to control them. This feature lets you see a list view of devices that are linked to your Google Home app. 

Besides, Google also posted a tweet in that manner on its official Made by Google Twitter account. In this tweet, they announced the new update of the Google Home app and shared some information about it. However, this new update is available as a public preview currently, but we can expect its stable version soon. Note Bone, let us tell you that these services are accessible to those users only, who have subscribed for the Google Home preview, and are using the same application in their Galaxy Watch 4 or Galaxy Watch 5. 

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