Samsung’s new software schedule for Canada – Android 13 & Security Patch

Over the few years, Samsung has improved its devices and made the top in terms of firmware updates. Nowadays, Samsung is a highly active company that regularly updates its devices, whether with mobile security or Android updates. If we talk about past timelines of the update, Most of the time, the Korean giant beat Google and provided the latest updates to its Galaxy devices m

Generally, the Korean giant releases software updates for its devices in a phased rollout, with updates first being made available to users in select regions before being rolled out to users in other regions. In Canada, updates are typically made available to users through their carrier or through Samsung’s software update service.

It’s worth noting that software updates can sometimes be delayed due to various factors, such as the need to address any issues that are discovered during testing or to ensure that the update is compatible with a particular device. If you’re looking for information on when an update will be available for your specific device, you may want to check with your carrier or visit Samsung’s support website for more information.

As for the Android 13-based One UI 5.0 and Security patch update schedule for Samsung devices on the Telus and Rogers networks in Canada, I would recommend checking with the carriers or Samsung directly for the most up-to-date information.

Samsung update schedule for Canada

Update Schedule For Telus & Rogers

  • From December 20th – Android 13
    • Galaxy S20 FE
    • Galaxy A32
    • Galaxy XCover Pro
    • Galaxy A13
  • From December 20th – Security Patch & Optimization
    • Galaxy S22 Series
    • Galaxy S21 FE
    • Galaxy S21 (W2)
    • Galaxy S20 Series
    • Galaxy Note 20 Series
    • Galaxy A53

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