How the One UI 5.1 will be different from One UI 5.0, know the expected changes here

The utility and necessity of any manufacturer’s User Interface can only be determined by the services and features it provides. In the case of necessity or utility, Samsung’s One UI will surely get the 1st position among all the others. The One UI not only contains every possible essential feature with it but also improves them from time to time. After One UI 5.0 attained huge success, the company has now moved on to its upcoming version, One UI 5.1. Let’s take a brief look at the information we found till now. 

For those who are unaware, the One UI 5.1 will be introduced out of the box with the upcoming flagship Galaxy S23 (Expected). In this regard, its testing and development have also been completed with the S23 series, and now the company has started testing it with other high-end devices as well. According to some recent reports, the testing of its firmware for the Galaxy S22 Ultra device has also reached the initial stages. Notably, the One UI 5.1 will be available with Galaxy S23’s launch, expected by February 1st, 2023. 

One UI 5.1 testing completed for Galaxy S23, now moving on to Galaxy S22 and S21 series

Coming to its expected features, because it is the successor of One UI 5.0, it will also get customizable features as its predecessor. Apart from this, One UI 5.1 will provide some new essential features and enhanced experience for the user. Additionally, it will bring all those features initially announced for One UI 5 but didn’t come with One UI 5.0. However, the company still needs to provide official information regarding the features, One UI 5.1 is lined up to get, but we have got some clues from the tipster ChoeHaU_WithGal

One UI 5.1 Features & Changes

According to the tweet of ChoeHau_WithGal, One UI 5.1 will get slight changes from One UI 5.0, in which some widget changes are included. Other than this, One UI 5.1 will also land some bug fixes for the issues that appeared with the previous version (One UI 5.0). We will also get to see some new animations in the system parts with this updated version of One UI. Besides, other changes or features that are expected to come with One UI 5.1 are listed below- 

  • New widgets for Settings suggestions
  • New Battery widget.
  • New Bixby vision widgets
  • Different Samsung health activity Widget
  • New styles of Contacts widget
  • New clock widgets
  • Faster Weather app and widget size correction
  • Overall bug fix for all One UI 5.0 devices 
  • New animation in system parts

These changes/features are expected to be seen in the upcoming One UI 5.1. However, these aren’t officially confirmed by the company; the information has been taken from the tipster.

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