New update available for Samsung Keyboard, Video, and Device Security

Recently, Samsung has released some new updates for its built-in apps, including a Video player, Samsung Keyboard, and Samsung device security; these apps come preinstalled with the Galaxy devices and are listed under the essential Galaxy category.

To give a refresh to its apps, Samsung has added some new features; let’s talk about them briefly.

Samsung Keyboard:

Samsung Keyboard is an important function of the Samsung devices as it gives the facility to type as it gives a lot of features such as emojis, stickers, gifs, and more which makes your text messaging experience to the next level after being updated with Android 13 Samsung has now released one more update for its Keyboard function. The update carries a new version,, however, the update doesn’t bring any new features, but it might carry some improvements which make it more compatible with the latest Android 13 update.

Samsung video player:

This application is the basic video player, which comes preinstalled with Samsung devices. It is a built-in application that performs the task of playing videos directly from the Gallery application providing powerful video playback and the best user interface. Now the application has received a new update with version As per the information, the latest update doesn’t carry any new features, but it comes with some improvements that make the existing features more stable.

Samsung Device security:

Samsung Device security is a utility app that works in the background. It protects your device from malicious archives and any security attack, which means Samsung has its antivirus system and doesn’t need to install any external antivirus system for your device. Samsung Device security provides you with the option to run a simple scan of every file and folder on your device. Recently, Samsung issued a new update of the application for the Galaxy device. Now it has been updated to a new version 6.2.07. According to the Galaxy store description, the update carries general improvements for the functions.

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