Samsung Reminders’ new update lets you download images

Samsung Reminder is a smart app that lets you easily add things to do or remember to your device. It alerts you about them at the right time, according to the situation, and it provides several new features: you can receive alerts from the Reminder when you arrive at or leave a specific location. For example, when you want to buy something from a mall, just create a reminder by adding a place condition; it also allows you to set different reminders for each event.

Now Samsung is updating the Reminder app to the new version, v12.4.02.6000, and according to the information, the latest update comes with two new features; those features are related to the images. The latest feature allows you to download images from a reminder, and the other gives you the facility to find the website from a screenshot of it.

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As of now, the new version of Samsung reminder is initially available in South Korea, but it is expected to be available in other parts of the world soon. The update comes in a 25.05MB software package; users who own Samsung devices can install the latest update through the Galaxy store.

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