Galaxy Book3 Pro, Book3 Pro 360, and Book3 Ultra’s promotional poster leaked

Being one of the top manufacturers of tech devices, Samsung has made available its presence in almost all modern tech gadgets, such as smartwatches, speakers, cameras, and more. The main segment in which Samsung dominates is smartphones and tablets. But over the last few years, Samsung is also trying to settle into the laptop market.

As said earlier, Samsung is trying to capture the Laptop market, and to achieve this goal, Samsung launched the Galaxy book series in 2017, which is the successor of the Galaxy Tab S. Later, to compete with the growing market of laptops, the company has released its second generation. It was introduced in 2018 following the Galaxy Book S coming to the market in 2019; Samsung has launched two more variants of the Galaxy book, including the Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book pro 360.

Now almost two years later, Samsung is ready to introduce its third generation galaxy book in the markets; The Tech Outlook has leaked the first set of promotional images of Galaxy Book 3 ultra, Galaxy Book 3 Pro, and Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360, according to the information, all three laptops are thin and appear to feature metal design. With the latest generation of Galaxy Book, Samsung has tried a full-sized keyboard with a number pad; The device has a very similar notch to the MacBook pro.

Additionally, this device might come with upgraded features and new hardware specs, like a Super AMOLED screen, it may come with an intel core i7or i9 processor, as the previous generation Galaxy book has some battery issues, so Samsung surely packed a powerful battery in it and so on.

However, Samsung is nowadays giving good specs at a reasonable price, so we expect the Galaxy Book 3 laptops should come with 13th generation Intel processors to make the device smooth for connecting to its devices. The company has added some of its features like Buds Auto switch, Quick Share, S Note, and Second Screen.

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