Samsung reportedly again planning with three social media platforms to enhance photo quality on flagship devices

Samsung is reportedly planning to work with three social media giants, including Snapchat, Tiktok, and Instagram. According to the information, the partnership among these companies is made to avoid the quality degradation of photos that were taken with these social media applications.

A well-known tipster, Ahmed Qwaider, has reported that Samsung is all set to enhance the quality of the user experience and performance of these apps on its flagship devices. As per the information, there will be separately upgraded versions of the above-mentioned social media apps available on all Galaxy S23 models. And After successful implementation, the upgraded version may be expanded to other eligible devices in the future.

As per the information, users who own Galaxy S22 devices can now access the flagship series camera functions on the platform of popular social media, including Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. Moreover, users can use the main camera features as it is like night mode and auxiliary camera lenses.

Furthermore, the partnership between the social media giant and Samsung will be beneficial for Galaxy users because Samsung will surely provide some enhancements and updates regarding improvements, so its Galaxy devices users will able to do more and enjoy new features, which will be exclusively available on the Samsung devices.

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