Samsung users will happy with the price of Galaxy S23

As much as we are getting closer to the Galaxy S23’s launch, our curiosity of knowing about its expense is getting stronger. Every day’s new leaks and renders are making the desire to get Galaxy S23 more hard. As the Galaxy S series is Samsung’s flagship, the most expensive device lineup of the company, the price of those devices has always been a cost of an arm and a leg for an average earner. On top of it, this rapidly rising inflation is also doing work of fuel to the fire. 

Q2 to Q3- Increased Revenue, but Operating Profit Declined 

Let us tell you, as per the report of Maekyung, the South Korean firm Samsung has seen an operating profit decline in the quarter 3rd of 2022. Notably, Samsung’s MX Division’s revenue grew by 13.3% QoQ increase, which surely happened because of the increase in sales. Samsung foldable’s 4th gen- Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4 played a huge role in the sale growth, as they have sold well. Even after Samsung’s sales rose; still, its operating profit fell by a 3.6% QoQ decline. 

Galaxy S23 to feature more expensive components

Reportedly, in the Q2 of 2022, Samsung’s profit was 3.36 trillion KRW which remained at 3.24 trillion KRW in Q3 of 2022. This decline in the company’s operating profit, despite having an increase in revenue, may happen due to the high prices of smartphone components. Unfortunately, the upcoming Galaxy S23 series is said to feature even more expensive equipment, such as the 200MP camera sensor and overclocked Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC, which makes it possible that its cost will also be higher. 

Galaxy S23: will prices remain the same or increase?

As per some reports, they are planning to keep up Galaxy S23’s price as the Galaxy S22 series. If Samsung does that, its operating profit will drop even more, and if they plan to increase the prices, the flagship will lose its rivalry with the iPhone 14 device. Contrariwise, there is another possibility that Samsung will increase the Galaxy S23’s price and cover up its previous loss because Apple also seems to increase the prices of its upcoming iPhone 15 devices. 

Galaxy S23 Ultra’s biggest competitor is its own Galaxy S22 Ultra

Resultantly, Samsung does have reasons for both- increase the prices or remain as Galaxy S22 series and in both options, there are some negative consequences as well. Now it’s all up to Samsung whether to increase or remain the same as the previous Galaxy S22. Besides, we are expecting $799 USD for the Galaxy S23, $999 USD for Galaxy S23 Plus, and $1199 USD for the Galaxy S23 Ultra device. 

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