Samsung offers free repair and refund for firmware issue in Australia

Several Samsung users have reported a major issue on their Galaxy devices, which come after installing the latest firmware update. According to the information, the issue was addressed in Australia, which made the Galaxy devices stacked with black screens unusable. After Samsung got it as its self-mistake software, then it took action on it and offered a free repair from their service center and refunded the money to the users who paid to fix the issue.

Samsung has released an official statement: “Customers who take their device to a Samsung authorized service center and are confirmed to be affected by this issue will not be charged for any repairs relating to this issue, regardless of the Samsung Express warranty period,” a spokesperson said.

“If they have been previously been charged by a Samsung authorized service center for repairs relating to this particular issue, they will be refunded for that work.”

Some users have tried a different method to make their devices reusable, they perform the factory reset manually on their devices, and their devices start working as before. But because of this, they have lost their data, including Photos, videos, docs, and other personal data.

In another official statement – “Samsung has received reports from customers of an issue when updating their phones,” the company said on Wednesday.

“At this time, these reports are from customers based in South Australia only. We are continuing to investigate this matter.”

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