WearOS gets access to navigate with Google Maps without smartphone

The Search Engine giant Google always brings new and valuable features and services to its smartwatch Operating System WearOS, which helps provide users with an enhanced experience. Recently, Google has brought an essential and long-requested feature to WearOS, which will let us use the Google Map app in our smartwatches without needing a smartphone. Let’s take a brief look at this newly-launched feature.  

Google Maps navigation feature: Know why it is important.

Let us inform you that earlier, it was necessary to have our linked smartphone device with us to use the Google Maps application on our smartwatch, which always became useless when we were not carrying our phone or mistakenly forgot to have it. But now, the issue has been solved because Google has come up with a solution. Notably, Google has recently introduced the Google Maps navigation feature in WearOS. 

For information, with the help of this new feature, you will be able to access navigation with the Google Map application, even if you are not carrying your phone. However, for this feature, your device must have the support of LTE connectivity; otherwise, it will not work. While using this feature, it is necessary that your Google Map application is up-to-date and your smartwatch has an active internet connection. 

This feature has been under development for some time: last summer, at the time of the official presentation of the new Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro, it was mentioned as one of the next features coming to Google’s operating system.

Finally the novelty seems to be ready to use. To use it make sure you have a Wear OS smartwatch with active data connection and have updated Maps to the latest version available on the smartwatch.

How to use Maps on your smartwatch?

To use the Google Maps application in your smartwatch, follow these below-mentioned easy steps-

  • Open the Google Maps application in your WearOS booted smartwatch. 
  • Input your desired destination (via keyboard tool or voice command). 
  • Choose the mode of transportation (walk, bicycle, or car). 
  • Now start your journey. 

Note bone, Google has been working on this feature since the last summer, and now it is prepared to roll out. So, we can expect it in our WeaOS watches soon. Remember, this feature will be rolled out to WearOS 3.5 and later version smartwatches only.

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