Galaxy Watch users now can install Samsung Internet Web Browser from Play Store [WearOS]

WearOS is the operating system used in most smartwatches as well as in Galaxy watches. For WearOS-based devices, there aren’t various browsing options available. WearOS watches only got the Samsung Internet Web Browser, in the name of a reputed Browser. However, this Web Browser disappeared from the Google Play Store last week, which left WearOS users blank-handed in Browser’s regard. Gratefully, this Web Browser has put numerous users at peace with its return to the Play Store.

For information, Samsung made its Internet Browser available for WearOS devices after the launch of Galaxy Watch 4, with which they switched to WearOS from Tizen. At first, it was available for the Galaxy Watches only, but the company expanded its availability soon to other brand watches as well. It may not have as many features as your smartphone or tablet has, but it lets you make searches on the WearOS devices, having a screen even smaller than your arm. Because WearOS doesn’t get any other browser to support it like Google Chrome, Samsung Internet became the only reputed option for it.

Let us tell you that last week, suddenly, the Samsung Internet Web Browser got removed from the Google Play Store. The reason behind its disappearance is still not known because the company (Samsung) didn’t provide any details about why the application had been removed. First, it was assumed that the company removed the Browser to land a new version of it, but after its return, it has found that the returned version had no variations to the disappeared version, so it’s clear that was not the case. By looking at the consequences, it looks that the Browser may have been removed mistakenly.

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