Google Messages get more Material You design and Dynamic Color tweaks

Google has a huge lineup of Android applications, nearly all of which follow a similar pattern. As an example, its account switcher panel is located in the top right corner of all Google apps available for Android, such as Google Photos, Google Play Store, etc. The company started updating those account switcher panels back in September and now enhancing them by providing more Material You and Dynamic Color tweaks. In this chain, this update recently reached the Google Messages application. 

According to the report of 9to5Google, the Google Messages application’s account switcher panel now contains a remarkable redesign and has new color choices as well. These changes appeared with the recent beta update- which has the version number Notably, besides theGoogle Messages, Google TV has also gotten it. Now let’s take a look at this new redesign of the Google Message app to find out what changes have been made to it. 

Informatively, the first change is the different interface of the panel; its “Manage your Google Account” button is now converted to the shape of a round-cornered rectangle from the previous shape of a pill. Other than this, the line that separates the element has disappeared now. Besides, the panel shows the colors which you’ve selected for your device’s Material You settings. Apart from this, the account which is being used is now separated via a different color than the whole panel instead of the before-like line. 

Thanks to Dynamic color support, the application now has a wider range of color choices than before, but these can not be applied to the panel but only to the application’s interface. Undoubtedly, with these two major components- Material You and Dynamic color, the interface and experience of the application will surely be enhanced. However, this update is currently limited to some of Google’s applications only, but the company will stretch it to other applications soon. 

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