Samsung Galaxy Tablet users can enjoy three-column interface for Google Discover

As you know, Google hasn’t introduced any tablet in the pixel lineup, but in the last I/O conference, the company teased that it is working on the Pixel tablet by showing some previews. Now it is certainly confirmed that Google can introduce the tablet anytime this year because it has optimized several apps according to the large screen devices and recently introduced one more update for its Google app.

For tablets, Google discovered two column-based interfaces till now. But the new beta version shows an all-new interface with three columns, separating the article or new into three parts.

If we go into further details, now all the articles are in separate tabs with a lighter background, while cover images have become smaller, focused on space optimization and accessibility. The news card has more contrast that stands out better. The width of the tabs is the same, but the height varies according to the amount of information to be displayed, and this applies the same for both landscape and portrait orientations.

IMG – 9To5Google

Meanwhile, it is still available in the beta with version number However, it is expected to release a stable version soon; users on Galaxy tablets can install it from Playstore if they have already joined the beta program, while other users should wait until it gets released in a stable update publically.

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