Galaxy Z Fold 5 will get the best of the bests camera amongst all Galaxy foldable

The Camera is a significant component of any device, increasing its demand. The better the Camera, the more is its demand. The same phenomenon applies to foldable devices too, which have gained wide popularity in some previous months. Recently, the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 5 has started joining the rumors which appreciate it for its superior camera than its predecessor, so let’s take a look at them.

According to the report of ThePixel, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 device is expected to bring two prominent modifications in terms of the Camera- the first is its better primary sensor, and the other is the modified telephoto shooter. Notably, it is said that the Fold 5 device will get a 108MP primary sensor which is more than double of Fold 4’s 50MP sensor. Additionally, it will also get some identical improvements in its telephoto sensor. 

Informatively, the respective device will feature a 64MP telephoto sensor which is said to have a 52mm focal length with the support of 2x optical zoom. The company also emerged an additional 12MP camera to this device. Hence, the photography experience of it will be nearly similar to the top-of-the-line devices such as S21 Ultra. However, there are no clues regarding its selfie camera, but we are expecting a 12MP shooter for it.

Besides, reports about its new hinge technology, which is initially named ‘Dumbbell’ by the company, have also spread around the internet. It is expected to deduct the risk of Display damage. To know in-depth information about it, check our previous article, which can be found here

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