Samsung updates Good Guardian app and bings new features and fixes

Samsung also offers its users considerable software support, which extends to Android updates and the Korean giant’s numerous applications. Among many applications, including the Good Guardian.

Samsung Good Guardian is formerly known as Galaxy Labs; this app provides numerous utility features for your Galaxy device. You can track your battery usage, App booster: transfer the executable files to boost them up, and more. Basically, the application acts as the guardian for your device by protecting and enhancing its capabilities.

The Korean giant has introduced a newly designed icon of Good guardian with a new update. The icon is very similar to the chain lock, which has a gradient color look. The update also brings some new features under the Media File Guardian and battery refresh rate for the apps.

The app provides several features, such as Battery Tracker, Battery Guardian, Galaxy App Booster, thermal Guardian, Memory Guardian, Media File Guardian, etc.

The latest update comes with version number 4.1.05; it has a 21.84MB software package; it is also with noticing that the new update is available for devices that are running on Android 10 to Android 12 L.In addition to these, the app is available is currently available to download in the limited country only including USA, Europe, Vietnam, South Korea, and China.

What’s New


  • Good Guardians update the app icon
  • Media File Guardian adds more features : Apps that add file.
  • Battery guardian adds more features : Standard refresh rate apps

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