Android 13 has reached only 5% of the available devices

Currently, Google’s Android is the only smartphone Operating System which most manufacturers are using in their devices with a layer of some customizations. However, there seem to be some issues with Android lately, in which its slow diffusion is the main. Recently some reports claimed that currently, only less than 6% of devices are running on Android 13, so let’s take a look at them.

The Android 13 update spreads too slowly

As per the latest official Android distribution figures of Google, less than 6% (only 5.2%) of smartphone devices currently have Android version 13. However, it has been nearly 5 to 6 months since Android 13’s official launch, but it still hasn’t reached more devices; Android is surely struggling with slow reach. Not only the latest Android 13, but the same happened with the previous Android 12/12L update also.

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According to those stats, the Android 12 and 12L have seen an increase; this update has now reached 18.9% of devices, which was only 13.5% back in August. Other than these, presently, 24.4% of devices are on Android 11, 19.5% are on Android 10, and 13.2% of devices are running on Android Pie. Notably, the least number of devices are running on Android Kitkat (0.7%), and Android Jellybean is now out of the list, which had 0.3% shares previously.

Apart from this, other versions such as Lolipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, and Oreo also have 2.1%, 2.8%, 3.7%, and 9.5%, respectively. Conclusively, currently, most of the devices are running on Android version 11. Besides, the most recent Android 13 has reached 5.2% of devices only, which is also because of the leading manufacturers such as Samsung, OnePlus, and Sony’s speedy rollout, and we are expecting its figure to grow drastically in the coming span.

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