Google works to make it easier to find bluetooth accessories on Android

Google has a wide lineup of numerous essential services, and Bluetooth is also one of them. Bluetooth is undoubtedly an excellent technology for wireless connectivity, but it still has a few limitations in some terms. Particularly, the current version of Bluetooth is unable to detect the location of the connected device. But now, it will no longer be an issue because Google has finally started working on a new API for measuring the distance.

As per some reports, to make Bluetooth technology more useful and reliable, Google is currently working to develop a new application programming interface (API), which will help to find the distance between the host smartphone and the connected Bluetooth device. Informatively, to make it possible, this new API will use the Bluetooth RSSI formula or received signal strength indicator.

Unfortunately, this feature can not be seen in current devices because Android 13 or lower devices will not support the change in modules. Conclusively, we should wait till the launch of Android 14, at least, to experience it in real aspects. However, it will not be too accurate, but it will be able to detect the device only if it is under the range of 1 meter from the smartphone.

Notably, as it will be able to detect the Bluetooth device which is connected to your smartphone, it will help you to find when it gets lost (only if it is under the range). Besides, it seems that something similar also appeared at the CES 2023 because Google has said to use the same in the Pixel Watches as well, for the Watch Unlock feature.

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