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Samsung served January 2023 update to its 5 more smartphones



Samsung is certainly one of the companies that guarantee software support constantly and at a fast time, obviously second only to Google—confirming this, after the first wave of updates continues, the distribution of new versions on smartphones of different price ranges, including Galaxy S20 FE, Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy XCover Pro, XCover5, and Galaxy A52s. It indicates that the Company wants to cover its devices’ overall markets as soon as possible.

All mentioned devices are receiving the January 2023 update in various countries. Let’s find out more about the update.

Galaxy A52s 5G

Galaxy A52s was launched in 2021 and came with Android 11. However, the device has received the Android 13-based One UI 5.0. Currently, the device is receiving the latest security update in the form of a January 2023 update; it comes with version number A528BXXU1DWA4.

Galaxy XCover Pro and XCover5

The Galaxy XCover series phones are the most rugged device of Samsung. The Company has launched these devices in limited countries of Europe; being less popular devices still, the Korean giant fully supports them in terms of security updates, and most of the time, they receive the updates in the ideal timing. Now moving this continuity forward, the South Korean giant has released the January 2023 update. The update carries a new firmware version number G715U1UESFDWA2 and G525FXXS5CWA2 for Galaxy XCover Pro and XCover 5, respectively.

Galaxy S20 FE

Samsung launched the Galaxy S20 FE back in 2020, and then the Company released it in two more models: LTE and the other 5G; both of the device’s variants have already received the Android 13, which may be the last major update for them. However, the device is still eligible for some new security updates in the future; as of now, the update brings the latest security patch of the year. Notably, the update is available for both of the variants of the devices; it can identify the build version G780GXXS3DWA3 and G781BXXS4GWA3 for the LTE variant and 5G variant of the device, respectively.

Galaxy Z Fold 4

Yesterday, we reported that Galaxy Z Fold 4 had received the January 2023 update in the US. Now Samsung is expanding the update to more countries in different continents, including Africa, Asia, and Europe. As the device belongs to one of the premium flagship devices, it is eligible for monthly security updates. Users can identify the update by build number F936BXXS1BWA2 if they don’t receive the update notification yet, so they can manually check the update through the device’s settings.

What will the January 2023 update bring for your Galaxy devices?

The January 2023 security patch update has several fixes, which Google and Samsung include. In detail, there are 52 patches added by Google which are marked as High priority. Along with these, Samsung has also included 20 other patches which are specially designed for its Galaxy devices.

Moreover, the update may carry some different features for the devices because, as per the observing few updates of Galaxy devices, it has been identified that the update brings some minor features as well that improve the overall performance and stability of the Galaxy devices.

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Good Lock Theme Park update brings new features




Theme Park

Good Lock’s Theme Park is now getting a fresh update. The application is getting some fresh features that will improve the overall user experience. Let’s explore what is now coming with the latest update.

Theme Park update

Theme Park is receiving a new update, version With this update, the company will provide several new improvements to the existing functions.

According to the changelog, it introduced new functions to change wallpaper separately without interrupting the main theme, improved keyboard keycap errors, and fixed the issue of blank pages appearing in more wallpaper.

Along with this, the update also brings stability and other error improvements to make the user experience smoother.


The latest update for Theme Park is live now, so users can easily install the latest update on their Galaxy devices. To do that, you need to go to the search bar in the Galaxy store and type the theme park. If it shows a new update available in the search result,, tap on the update button.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 getting July 2024 update in Korea




Galaxy Z Flip 4

Samsung rolled out the July 2024 update for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 in South Korea. The company has already introduced the update to almost all regions, but due to some limitations, it has now started rolling out the Korean units.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 July 2024 firmware details

Samsung has made the July 2024 security patch update live for South Korean units of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4, with firmware version numbers F936NKSS4FXG2 and F721NKSS4FXG2, respectively.

July 2024 update: What’s new

The July 2024 security patch doesn’t significantly change the devices, but it will provide some new improvements to enhance their security. According to the official documentation, the latest security patch has addressed more than 60 fixes, and Google and Samsung jointly contributed patches.

If you are using the Galaxy Z Fold 4 or Galaxy Z Flip 4 smartphone in Korea, then you can now check the update manually by going to the system software update from the system settings. Sometimes, it takes time, so you should wait. If it doesn’t appear in the settings, try the same process in the next few hours.

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Samsung Galaxy A55 gets July 2024 update in more countries



Galaxy A55

Samsung started rolling out the July 2024 update with the Galaxy A55, since then the company has already introduced the update to many devices in a lot of countries however still the company isn’t able to complete the update expansion to all the units of the Galaxy A55, and now the update is reached to Brazil.

Galaxy A55 gets July 2024 update in Brazil

Samsung Galaxy A55 started getting the July 2024 update in Brazil, it is coming with the firmware version number A556EXXS4AXF7. With the latest version, Samsung hasn’t brought any significant changes to the devices. It is expected to be available in more countries in the coming days.

However, with the latest update, it is expected that Samsung will improve the overall performance and stability of the devices. If you want to explore the July 2024 update you can check this article.

Moreover, if you are having any issues while using any functionality then you should check the latest update as it is expected that it will provide some improvement to the issues and provide more stability for them.

If you are using the Galaxy A55 device in Brazil then you can now install the latest update on your device by simply following these steps: First, go to the system settings open the software update menu, here tap on the download and install button, if it shows new update available then tap on the download button.

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