Samsung Galaxy Store’s new update fixes major vulnerabilities

Samsung generally gives limited updates for its Galaxy store app, which adds some new features to it, but Samsung is now rolling out a second update for this month. According to the information, the last updates only brought some bug fixes and UI improvements for the app, but this update brought some crucial fixes to let’s discuss briefly.

According to reports, There are some vulnerabilities were found by researchers at NCC Group, the cybersecurity firm it has flagged as CVE- 2023-21433; for starters, CVE number helps researchers keep track of the flaw or vulnerabilities. Google Cites these CVE numbers in the changelog if it has patched the flaws in the monthly Android updates.

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As per the information, the vulnerability found was very dangerous for your privacy as this allows the attacker to access personal data and easily install any app on Galaxy devices without permission, which can lead to high-security risks.

However, now Samsung has released a new update that fixes these issues and makes the Galaxy store more secure; the update carries version number So its highly recommended to install the update as soon as possible.

The Galaxy Store should update automatically, but to verify you can open the app, select “Menu“, click on the icon at the top right to enter the settings and select “About Galaxy Store“. For more details on the vulnerabilities in question you can click here.

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