Samsung Health can do a lot more than you think

Samsung Health is one of the Galaxy ecosystem’s most useful apps that helps track and save reports about your health. It’s one of the few Samsung which is available for download across all Android phones. The app is mainly designed to work best with Samsung’s smartwatches and fitness bands. The app doesn’t limit to counting steps, calories, and heart rate. It can help you to relax and practice mindfulness.

Samsung Health features

Samsung has very well developed its health app, which comes with great features that are recommended to those who are very conscious about their health. The app is available on the Google Play store, Galaxy store as well as on App store. It makes your smartphone into an all-around health device that can track your footsteps, walks, and runs, but if you use this app, connecting with a smartwatch will give a lot more metrics to be analysed.

What health metrics can you track with Samsung health?

When you use only Samsung health on your Android or iOS device, it can track basics like steps, calories walk, runs, and general activity, but with a compatible watch like Galaxy Watch 5, you can record more advanced health metrics such as blood oxygen level, stress, body composition, sleep and lot more.

For a quick tour, you can check this heads, which contains all the important features that are offered by the app with the help of any smartwatch, such as Heart rate, sleep, Body composition, Exercise, Body oxygen, Stress, Blood Pressure, and Blood glucose.

Final verdict

Samsung has developed this app for all Android and IOS; users can easily use it on their respective devices, and if you want to use it to its full potential, we recommend you run this app with the latest Samsung smartwatches like Galaxy watch 5. It is also worth remembering that Samsung health is compatible with health connect, which is developed by Google and Samsung that simplifies interoperability between fitness apps.

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