Samsung One UI 5.1 allows you to change screenshot folder location

As you know, Samsung will soon release the new One UI 5.1 update; it is certainly confirmed that it will be initially available with Galaxy S23 devices. Many new changes will be there that will surely add some helpful features. For instance, there will be a new function available for screenshots. Let’s discuss the feature in detail.

One UI 5.1: Change the location of the saving screenshot

If you are a true Android user, you know it will automatically be stored in the default location when you take a screenshot. But there is no other option available to change the default location of it. But thanks to One UI 5.1, it comes with a helpful feature that makes it able to relocate the storage of screenshots; in other words, you are now able to change the back folder of screenshots and create another folder for it; likewise, you can do the same thing with screen recording as well.

Samsung One UI 5.1 Features & Changelog revealed

Similar to this feature, there are a lot of new features that can make your device interesting and more interactive to use. These were all introduced under several inbuilt apps like Camera, Gallery, Samsung Dex, Samsung AR Zone, settings and more. However, the feature may vary according to the devices, but the important one will be available for all devices.

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