One UI 5.0’s awaited ‘Bixby Text Call’ feature to come with its One UI 5.1 update

Initially, when the One UI 5.0 was announced, an advantageous feature, ‘Bixby Text Call’, was also said to arrive with it. The feature was also integrated with One UI 5’s ‘Beta’, but sadly things didn’t move that way. We all know that this long-awaited feature hasn’t made it with the One UI 5.0 update, but thankfully, now Samsung has put users’ minds at peace by revealing that the ‘Bixby Text Call’ feature is arriving with One UI 5.1. 

As per One UI 5.1’s leaked changelog, this update will bring the One UI 5’s awaited and most-desired ‘Bixby Text Call’ feature with it. Let us inform you that this feature is already available in the Korean language with the ‘One UI 4.1.1’ update, and the company is planning to expand it to the English language as well. Previously, it was removed from the One UI 5.0 Beta 5, but now it is re-arriving stably for the eligible devices. 

‘Bixby Text Call’: What is it and How it works

For those who are unaware, Bixby Text Call is a calling-related feature which will be proven extremely useful during a busy or noisy atmosphere. In particular, this feature will let you attend a call without any hindrance, even if you’re unable to hear. Notably, this feature converts the caller’s voice into text with the help of Samsung’s AI ‘Bixby’, so that you can read what the other person is saying. 

Other than this, the feature is also able to convert text into voice. For example, if you are unable to speak, you can type the content you are willing to answer to the caller; the ‘Bixby Text Call’ feature will convert your typed text into voice so that the caller can hear your answer without any hassle. Due to its ‘text to voice’ and ‘voice to text’ conversion abilities, it will surely become essential while attending any party or gathering. 

However, there is a limitation with this feature; it will only be available for the English and Korean languages, which means it will be useless for other languages’ native speakers who don’t know any of the mentioned languages. Besides, Samsung may provide this feature to the flagships or premium devices only; we are unsure if the feature will make it to other mid-ranger Galaxy devices or not.

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