Samsung removes One UI 5.1’s newly added feature from Digital Wellbeing

With every new update, we always expect some innovations could be available for the app; however, this time, Samsung has done a reverse job. This time nothing new has come in the update; on the contrary, what was there has also been removed.

Samsung has rolled out a new update of Digital Wellbeing with version number The official changelog doesn’t contain any new features, and it may be a normal bug fix of improvements of functions, but a report revealing a missing feature lets us know about it.

The Korean giant has removed the “Walking Monitor” feature. This feature is not a very old one; Samsung introduced it in the last major UI update, i.e., One UI 5.1.

What is a walking monitor feature?

As said earlier, the walking monitor feature was introduced in the Digital Wellbeing with the One UI 5.1 update. This feature is capable of recording the time of using a phone while walking. It helps you to see the time wasted on the phone while walking, so if you give more time than expected, then you can manage it by setting the warning alarm for the next time.

Is the Walking monitor feature permanently removed? 

Samsung has added the walking monitor feature to help its users so they use to manage their devices responsibly. But it seems that users do not so use this feature, and maybe this is the reason the company has planned to remove it, but it may soon retire as Samsung will introduce it with some new functionalities, so users get more benefits.

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