Samsung One UI 5.1 Hidden Features, Tips And Tricks

Samsung has released its latest One UI 5.1 skin, which is based on the latest Android 13 operating system. This new user interface comes with several enhancements and new features that aim to provide a more seamless and intuitive experience to users. Some of the key features of the One UI 5.1 include improved privacy controls, better customization options, and a more refined design language.

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This update focuses on adding more utility features that will make the user experience smoother and more efficient. With the introduction of battery widgets, multitasking, a new customized lock screen, and many more features, Samsung has given its users more reasons to love their Galaxy smartphones. Let’s dive deeper into this update’s One UI 5.1 hidden features and tips.

The One UI 5.1 update has also brought many new features which are added in several apps, including Camera, AR Zone, Gallery, modes, Routines, Samsung Internet, and more. However these are those features that we got to know about the official changelog, but if you explore more deeply, you will get more features that are interesting to use; let’s know about them together.

One UI 5.1 Hidden Features and Tips

Walking monitor: Now you will get a new feature in Digital wellbeing as a walking monitor, which will show you the usage of the phone while walking. You can access this feature by following these steps

  • Go to the system settings;
  • Now scroll down and click on the digital wellbeing menu;
  • Here, you will find the walking monitor.

Enhanced Eye comfort shield: now the eye comfort shield function has received a new option as enhanced comfort; this option will give you an extra dim color so you can easily read anything on your phone longterm.

  • Go into Settings app;
  • Tap on Display;
  • Now go into Eye comfort shield and turn it on;
  • Below you can find Enhanced comfort, tab to enable, and it adjust color tones and contrast of the display more comfortable viewing.

New Battery widget: Now, with the new One UI 5.1, its easy to watch all the connected devices’ battery levels in one place; for this, you have an option of a battery widget. To use this widget, you should follow the given steps:

  • First, Tap and hold on to the home screen and then select the widget;
  • Now Tap on the down arrow next to the battery widget to expand it;
  • It will show you two different battery widget styles, including Battery status (circles) 4×1 and Battery status (list) 4×2;
  • Choose any of them and then long-press on it and drag it to the home screen.

Change the location of the screenshot & screen recording: Now you can change the path of the location of the screenshot easily in your desired folder. To change the location, follow these steps:

  • First, go to the system settings;
  • Scroll down and select Advance features;
  • Now click on the screenshot and screen recorder option;
  • Tap on the “Save screenshots in” option or Screen recording
  • Here you can select any folder or you can create a new folder as well by clicking on the plus icon on the top right corner after doing it click on the done button.

You can manage the lock screen notification: Now you can easily manage the notification from the settings you want to display on your lock screen and which are not, let know about the steps to manage the notification:

  • First, Go to the system settings;
  • Click on the notification option;
  • Now click on the “Lock screen notifications”;
  • Tapping on the settings icon on the “show content” option, here you will get the list of the apps, here you can easily choose the apps which can be able to display notifications by turning on the toggle adjacent to the app.

Image clipper: The image clipper is a very new option that is exclusively available for the Galaxy S23 devices; after several rumors resent on the internet, Samsung expanded the image clipper feature for some other Galaxy devices.


With the image clipper feature, you can easily take a separate image of any object from the original picture, you can easily do this by tapping and holding on the subject which you want to separate, and within seconds it will show you different options containing “Copy”, “Share” and “Save the image”, the same thing you can easily do with the video, just first pause it and then it will give you the same option as the still photo.

Note: All these features are available with the new One UI 5.1, but some devices may not support them as they don’t have the necessary hardware.

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