Samsung One UI 5.1 hidden tricks that will blow your mind

Nowadays, smartphones have become a major part of our life. We are now habitual of them most of the things as they provide so many facilities like Internet browsing, using as alarm, playing music and many more. While these are just common things to do, every smartphone user uses them on a daily basis, but today we will discuss some secret features you should know about these useful tricks.

One UI is Samsung’s new smartphone interface, based on Android 9.0 Pie. It has a fresh design, optimized for one-handed use and larger screens. Currently, Samsung One UI 5.1 is an amazing upgrade that brings a host of new features and tricks to make your phone even better than before. We’ve run through some of the hidden features in this article, but there are plenty more out there for you to explore.

Samsung One UI heaviest but the most stable Android skin for Galaxy devices

With its intuitive interface and powerful performance, Samsung One UI 5.1 makes it easy to get the most out of your device. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of these hidden gems and unlock all the potential your phone has to offer!

Enhanced Eye comfort shield

now the eye comfort shield function has received a new option as enhanced comfort; this option will give you an extra dim color so you can easily read anything on your phone longterm.

  • Go into Settings app;
  • Tap on Display;
  • Now go into Eye comfort shield and turn it on;
  • Below you can find Enhanced comfort, tab to enable, and it adjust color tones and contrast of the display more comfortable viewing.

Take selfies using Voice Commands

This trick is very useful for selfie lovers; with the help of this feature, you can enjoy tapping free experience, meaning wherever you want to take a selfie, you can use your voice to click a selfie without tapping on the circle. To activate selfie voice commands, follow these steps

  1. Open camera app
  2. Tap the settings cog in the top-left corner
  3. Scroll and tap shooting methods 
  4. Tap the toggles next to the voice control

After finishing the steps, you are ready to take a photo on both the front and rear camera by saying phrases such as “cheese,” “capture,” or “record video” if you want to record video.

New Battery widget

Now, with the new One UI 5.1, its easy to watch all the connected devices’ battery levels in one place; for this, you have an option of a battery widget. To use this widget, you should follow the given steps:

  • First, Tap and hold on to the home screen and then select the widget;
  • Now Tap on the down arrow next to the battery widget to expand it;
  • It will show you two different battery widget styles, including Battery status (circles) 4×1 and Battery status (list) 4×2;
  • Choose any of them and then long-press on it and drag it to the home screen.

Add Background Effects to Video Calls

Samsung has added many features that are users friendly for instance, Samsung video effects are also one of; them, by using it, you can easily fill your background with cool effects while calling on several apps like Duo, Messenger, and WhatsApp. 

To activate this feature go through these steps:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Open Andvance features 
  3. Tap the toggle by video call effects
  4. Scroll down and toggle on video call effects to enable
  5. Tap into video call effects to see the background option.

Change the location of the screenshot & screen recording

Now you can change the path of the location of the screenshot easily in your desired folder. To change the location, follow these steps:

  • First, go to the system settings;
  • Scroll down and select Advance features;
  • Now click on the screenshot and screen recorder option;
  • Tap on the “Save screenshots in” option or Screen recording
  • Here you can select any folder or you can create a new folder as well by clicking on the plus icon on the top right corner after doing it click on the done button.

Hide items in a secure folder

Samsung gives the option to create a secure folder; as the name depicts, it is a private folder that provides you space where you can store any file so no one can access it. For security, it also provides a passcode system, and all the data inside is fully encrypted too.

To set up this feature, you have to follow the given steps:

  1. First of all, go to the settings
  2. Open Biometrics and Security
  3. Tap secure Foder
  4. Tap Sign in, continue, or Agree
  5. Then enter your account details, then tap Sign in or OK
  6. Tap on continue to permissions
  7. Choose the lock method you wish to use, then tap next
  8. Enter the lock method, then choose to continue
  9. Enter the lock method again, then choose to confirm.

Mute incoming calls or alarms by flipping your phone

Many times you have to tap the phone to silence unwanted calls or to turn down the volume of the alarm. Now you can do the same thing by flipping your phone. To turn this feature on:

  1. Go to the settings
  2. Open Advanced features
  3. Go to Motions and Gestures
  4. Scroll down to easy Mute and slide the toggle to activate it.

Run two versions of Messaging app

With the help of this feature, you can easily access multiple accounts of social messaging apps, including Whatsapp and Messenger. This feature is very useful for those users who want to use their personal and work-related on the same device. It makes clones of the apps and makes them used as normal. To set this up

  1. Go to settings
  2. Open Advance features
  3. Go to Dual Messanger
  4. Tap the switch next to the app you want to clone
  5. Tap install
  6. Read the disclaimer and tap Confirm
  7. If You want to use a separate contacts list for cloned app, toggle this setting to on.

Image clipper

The image clipper is a very new option that is exclusively available for the Galaxy S23 devices and now expanding to the other flagships like Galaxy S22.

With the image clipper feature, you can easily take a separate image of any object from the original picture, you can easily do this by tapping and holding on the subject which you want to separate, and within seconds it will show you different options containing “Copy”, “Share” and “Save the image”, the same thing you can easily do with the video, just first pause it and then it will give you the same option as the still photo.

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