Samsung One UI 6.0 Have New Visual Changes to Galaxy Phones Compare to One UI 5.1

Samsung has the largest share of the Android smartphone market, so it serves its users a great experience with functioning Galaxy devices by providing the new iteration of its One UI skin.

One UI is Samsung’s custom user interface for its Galaxy devices, and it’s known for its clean, simple, and user-friendly design. With each new version, Samsung makes small and large changes to One UI, both in terms of features and visuals. Continuing the effort, the company has reached its sixth generation of UI upgrades. Currently, One UI 6 is running in the beta phase, and the Galaxy S23 devices have received the five updates so far. With these, the company has almost revealed all the new features that will be available for the Galaxy devices.

Android 14 stable update release date revealed, Samsung user will get soon One UI 6

One UI 6.0, which is based on Android 14, is no exception. It brings a number of visual changes to the table, making it look and feel even more modern and polished.

One UI 6 brings several interesting yet useful features for Galaxy devices

With the One UI 6, Samsung has brought many new features under several system-level features, including notification, control center, lock screen, home screen,new camera widget, camera app, Finder, app settings, battery menu, storage, and security and privacy menu. Let’s check them all one by one.

Notification and Control Center

The notification curtain has been revamped; it has received some changes in the upper part, like now the time is relocated next to today’s date, as well as greater use of bold and a redesign of the icons for quick toggles. The notification tray has also been redesigned; now the notifications are in blocks, one for each app.

The control center has a new customization option; now users can instantly access the full control center with a single swipe in the right corner of the screen. The company has increased the font of time and date. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth now have separate buttons from each other.

Some new features for customization

With One UI 6.0, Samsung has brought two new widgets, including Insight and a custom camera widget. Both of the widgets have some useful features; let’s explore them.

Insight’s new weather widget The full name of the widget is Meteo Insight, and it brings some more information about the weather. It shows some additional statistics on the weather based on the time of day and forecasts; for example, if there is a forecast of rain, it will show a percentage of the probability that it will rain.

New camera widget: With the new camera widget, you can set the shortcut of the particular camera mode on the home screen; in other words, once you set the particular mode, like portrait mode, and also choose the camera, it will directly open your camera in that mode with a single click.

Lock Screen: Samsung has made many customizations for the lock screen in the last One UI 5 update. However, it was a lack of one functionality: you cannot move the clock from center, but with the One UI 6, Samsung has introduced it.

Some other minor changes

The system finder has also been improved; now when you access the app drawer, the search bar immediately appears in a slightly bolder font, and when you touch and hold any application icon, you will get a renewed pop-up context menu that allows you to take advantage of the app’s available quick actions.

Battery menu: With the last One UI 5 update, Samsung has brought a battery option to the settings menu, which makes it easy to find. With the latest One UI 6, the company has redesigned a bit and now has a more minimal and cleaner interface while still providing all the useful information.

Storage: By going to the support and device menus, you can see the space occupied by different types of files, including apps, photos, videos, and others. Now, with One UI 6, these items are redesigned.

New Tool in “Security and Privacy: With the One UI 6, Samsung devices will get a new automatic lock tool that protects the smartphone by blocking and eliminating threats and other suspicious activities.

New Camera App Settings: Now in the app settings, three new changes have been spotted. The first is “Advanced Intelligent Option, which allows you to access the new homonymous menu. Under this menu, you can choose the level of optimization of the scene that we want at the time of shooting. The watermark settings have also received some new features.

In addition, a new Automatic FPS menu arrived, which allows you to enable or disable the functionality of adjusting the number of FPS acquired during video recording. For example, when recording a video at night, the smartphone could reduce the number of FPS to capture more light.

Choose different wallpapers for Home and Lock screen among the “modes and routines”

Entering the “Modes and Routines” menu from the system settings, we find another little novelty in terms of customization: by choosing, for example, the “Sleep” mode (or any other mode), you can set a different background for the home screen and the lock screen.

When will the One UI 6 update arrive?

Samsung is currently running the fifth beta version of One UI 6, and if we take last year’s timing, it seems that the company should bring the update to the Galaxy devices by the end of October. In 2023, Google released Android 13 in mid-August, while currently there is no sign of a stable Android 14 update. When will Google release it? So Samsung will also take more time this year to release the One UI stable update to its eligible Galaxy devices.

Overall, One UI 6.0 is a significant update that brings a number of new features and visual changes to Samsung Galaxy devices. If you’re a fan of One UI, you’re sure to appreciate the new features and look of One UI 6.0.

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